DuPage County Farm Bureau

John Stotts

John Stotts grew up in the world of agriculture. From a young age, he was involved with the physical tasks of his family’s farm and came to appreciate all the intrinsic values that these experiences taught him. John also loves the entrepreneurial aspects of farming that allow him to produce products that are not only important to the world, but also provide for his family.

While farming has always been one of John’s passions, he has also had a 20-year career in the commodity futures and options trading industry.  He also works closely with his father and a custom operator to manage his farm located in Northwestern Illinois, where he grows corn and soybeans. John states, “Now that I am older, off the farm, and have started my own family, I wanted to reclaim my involvement with farming as a way to provide the experience and upbringing that I had, for my children. For me, it’s a way to be closer to something that I have been passionate about my whole life, and to pass that experience and passion on to the next generation.”  

Over the years, John has seen an increase in both production yields and the overall efficiency of farming. He has also noted the aging out of many multi-generational operations and the consolidation of farms. John believes these trends will continue as well as the visibility of organic and alternative crops in conventional row-crop operations. He states, “We, as farmers, are constantly trying to adapt, innovate, and improve our operations, so that we can always have the best product available for the consumers. We care for our products and their users.”

John currently serves as a Director on the DuPage County Farm Bureau Board. He recently attended the Leaders to Washington convention where he met with Senators, Representatives, the USDA, and EPA about important agricultural issues affecting Farmers in Illinois. John says, “Farm Bureau allows myself and my colleagues to make a positive impact on agriculture at the county, state, and federal levels.”