DuPage County Farm Bureau

Agricultural Education Expo

Register your class to attend the 2018 Ag Expo! This FREE field trip is held annually at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton. Rotating through stations, the Ag Expo teaches students and teachers about agriculture in their everyday lives, even though they live in the suburbs. The morning concludes with a slice of pizza for everyone. Be sure to register early – we have event maximums!

2018 Ag Expo Registration Flyer

2017 Ag Expo

2017’s Ag Expo was held on February 1st and 2nd. Third and Fourth graders throughout the county were invited to attend this exciting experience. Held annually at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, the Expo teaches students about agriculture and how it pertains to a favorite treat – pizza!  585 students attended the 2017 Agricultural Education Expo.

Stations and experts included:

  • Bees – John Hansen – The Hive, Chicago’s Beekeeping Store
  • Dairy – Sarah Lenkaitis – Lenkaitis Dairy, St. Charles
  • Grains – Bob Brackmann & Bill Pauling – DuPage County Farm Bureau Board of Directors
  • Livestock – Matt Denhart & Staff – Kline Creek
  • Nutrition – Christine Birns, Patty Luster & Janeen and Nicole Feldman – University of Illinois Extension
  • Pizza Trivia – Suzy Anderson & Mary Biernacki – Ag in the Classroom Educators
  • Vegetables – Haley Siergiej – Nutrients for Life

Students learned where their favorite food really comes from, and even got the chance to see real livestock! The event concluded with students enjoying a piece of pizza.