DuPage County Farm Bureau


The DuPage County Farm Bureau Foundation provides grants to teachers who design agriculture curriculum to implement in their classrooms, libraries to purchase accurate agriculture books, and 4-H youth to fund projects to show at the DuPage County Fair. Please see applications for more information.

2020 4-H Grant Application (Link)

2020 Agriculture in the Classroom Grant Application (Link) 

2020 AITC Library Grant Application (Link)

2020 DuPage County Farm Bureau Accurate Ag Books (Link)

In spring 2020, teachers, libraries, and 4-Hers across DuPage County were presented with grants funded by the DuPage County Farm Bureau Foundation. Read about all their amazing agriculture-inspired projects here! Note: Many recipients were unable to finish their programs before the COVID-19 shutdown. Their grant deadlines have been extended through the Fall of 2020.  

Ag in the Classroom Teacher Grants

“Class Nonfiction Library to Support an Understanding of Plants”

Sabrina Breault & Catherine Boyce- Pierce Downer Elementary, Downers Grove- 1st Grade

Sabrina and Catherine purchased five new agriculture accurate books, National Geographic Readers, and TIME for Kids Materials for their 1st grade classes. All the materials were related to plants. Students did a variety of activities with the books including investigating questions that they had about the story, writing about an interesting fact that they learned, and drawing a picture about the fact. As part of their science curriculum, the class read “We are the Gardeners” and sprouted beans in their classroom. Students also recorded themselves reading the books, and their parents were able to see what they were learning!


“Trees for the Bees”

Julie Ramirez- Glen Crest Middle School, Glen Ellyn- 5th-8th Grade Special Ed

Julie’s students used the grant to purchase soil, pots, and pans for their Trees for the Bees project. Students planted seeds of apple, date, peach, and avocado trees. As the seeds sprouted, they charted their growth and leaves. Over the course of the project, students learned about bees and pollination, the importance of worms in soil, and basic plant parts. Students also created a recipe book featuring the four fruits that they were growing.

Library Grants


4-H Grants