DuPage County Farm Bureau

Chris Gould

Chris Gould grew up on a farm in western Kane County. “Honestly, it’s very difficult to put my finger on why I chose to farm” says Chris. “I had other experiences and opportunities, but I felt farming provided the most rewards. Working with plants and animals and seeing them progress through their life cycle with my efforts, in collaboration with God’s A group of people standing next to each other.provisions, is ridiculously rewarding.” Today, he farms with his parents and wife raising corn, soybeans, a small amount of winter wheat, and hogs.

Like many other farmers, Chris also holds an additional job off the farm working as a pilot for FedEx. This job allows him the flexibility to complete his farm work and provides financial stability for his family. “The hardest part about farming by far is the unpredictability. It’s one thing to run a business, but it’s something else running a business and not knowing how much you’ll produce that year or how much you’ll receive for your product” he says. To help manage the uncertainty, Chris and his family develop a plan each year, which includes hedging and budgeting.

Chris is passionate about his work and strives to give consumers the best possible products. He ensures that his crops are grown within the guidelines of crop protection products and fertilizer applications. On the livestock side, his farm produces piglets that will be raised by other farmers once they are weaned. “We care for the females during gestation and help them with the birthing process” says Chris. “We ensure the pigs get their vaccinations just like people do, and have a clean and warm place to stay with sufficient water and a properly balanced diet.”

As a member of the Kane County Farm Bureau, Chris believes it is important for farmers to belong to an organization that speaks for them. “Farm Bureau does a great job of carrying my message where it needs to be heard” Chris states.  “American farmers provide the safest, healthiest, and most abundant food supply in the history of civilization. I find it to be very frustrating and unfortunate that consumers’ fears are often preyed upon. You really have nothing to fear.”