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Agriculture in the Classroom

What is Agriculture in the Classroom?

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) is a statewide educational program. Its goal is to help students and teachers gain awareness of agriculture in their daily lives. By having agricultural educators come into your classroom, students will learn about the industry and take part in hands-on activities that will enrich their lesson. The best part? Everything is FREE.

But we live in DuPage County, there are no farms here…

Despite our suburban surroundings, agriculture touches everyone daily. Did you eat breakfast? Brush your teeth? Get dressed? Play with a football? All of these things rely on agriculture. When teachers choose to implement AITC in their curriculum, students gain a larger understanding of the industry that many parts of the state are involved in. By utilizing agricultural topics, we are exposing students to concepts that help them become aware of ideas and products that they might not know of. They will also begin to see how much agriculture is involved in their daily lives. AITC is a wonderful program for teachers and students to achieve their classroom objectives as well as meet current learning standards. Last year, AITC saw 29,083 students in DuPage County.

We would love to come visit you!

We can come into your classroom, your club meeting, after-school activity, special event, career fair, library program, summer camp – if you can learn, we can be there. We teach lessons on many topics, including, but not limited to: apples, careers, corn, dairy, Illinois specialty crops, livestock. pizza, pumpkins, soil, and soybeans. Let’s come up with an idea! These topics can be implemented into many areas of your curriculum.

Virtual Options

Unable to have visitors at your location at this time? No problem! We are offering live Zoom lessons featuring a new topic every month! Ag Bags are also available to those who cannot fit a lesson into their schedule. These special bags include an Ag Mag, worksheet, word search and small project. These bags are best for 3rd-5th grade. Be sure to check out our recorded lessons, virtual field trips, and online resources in the “AITC Virtual Learning” tab! To schedule a lesson, order Ag Bags, or for more information email Kristina at dupageaitc@dcfb.org.

2021 Lesson Line Up
January: Dairy
February: Specialty Crops
March: Pollinators
April: Earth Day
May: Soybeans
June: Baseball

Check out our AITC Brochure to learn more about each lesson!

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Contact Kristina Baumbach to become involved dupageaitc@dcfb.org, or 630-668-8161