DuPage County Farm Bureau

Soil Testing

Soil Testing Options:
Basic Test: includes soil PH, Phosphorus (P1), & Potassium (K), OM, with recommendations
Lawn/Garden: includes Basic Test, plus CEC, Ca, MG, and Base Saturation and recommendations
Lawn/Garden Plus: includes Basic and Lawn/Garden tests, plus micro-nutrients iron, zinc, manganese, copper, sulfur, and boron with recommendations


Testing Prices:

For members:                                       For non-members:
Basic Test: $20                                           Basic Test: $30
Lawn/Garden: $30                                    Lawn/Garden: $40
Lawn/Garden Plus: $50                           Lawn/Garden Plus: $60


Testing Steps:

For one soil test, collect 3-4 soil samples from several locations in your yard/garden by cutting a one inch hole about 7 inches deep using a trowel or small shovel. Insert the trowel straight down in to the soil 7 inches and remove the soil deposited on the face of the tool and set soil aside. Next insert the tool into the soil so there will be about a 1 inch layer of soil on the tool face 7 inches deep and then take a knife and cut a vertical column of soils that is 1 inch by 1 inch by 7 inches deep.  You should have at least one cup of soil. Do not include any dead or live plant matter in the sample.

Place soil in a sealed plastic bag and bring it to the DCFB office during regular office hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

At the office, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to be sent with the sample and submit payment (cash or check) for the testing. Your test results will be mailed directly to your home in 7-14 days.

Download the questionnaire here: Soil Test Questionnaire

After receiving your results, additional recommendations and guidelines will be given to you by United Soils Inc.