DuPage County Farm Bureau

Soil Testing

Soil Testing Options:
Basic Test: includes soil PH, Phosphorus (P1), & Potassium (K) with fertility recommendations
Lawn/Garden: includes Basic Test, plus organic matter and recommendations on amount and timing of fertilizer
Lawn/Garden Plus: includes Basic and Lawn/Garden tests, plus micro-nutrients iron, zinc, manganese, copper, sulfur, and boron


Testing Prices:

For members:                                       For non-members:
Basic Test: $20                                           Basic Test: $30
Lawn/Garden: $30                                    Lawn/Garden: $40
Lawn/Garden Plus: $50                           Lawn/Garden Plus: $60


Testing Steps:

For one soil test, collect five soil samples from several locations in your yard/garden by cutting a one inch hole about six inches deep. You should have at least one cup of soil. Do not include any dead or live plant matter in the sample. Problem areas should not be included in the composite sample.

Place soil in a sealed plastic bag and bring it to the DCFB office during regular office hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

At the office, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to be sent with the sample and submit payment for the testing. Your test results will be mailed directly to your home in 7-14 days.

After receiving your results, additional recommendations and guidelines can be supplied by contacting the local Master Gardeners program.