DuPage County Farm Bureau

Wheaton Meat Co.


Since 1940, the Wheaton Meat Co. has been a staple of the community offering quality meat to local residents. Owned and operated by the Joseph family for the last 37 years, Brett Joseph, started working there as a teenager alongside his father Don. When his father retired 6 years ago, Brett continued to run the business. “I chose to stay in the business because I enjoy working with people, establishing amazing relationships within the community, and being a small business owner” says Brett.

A building with a tree in front of it.

These days, butcher shops are nearly extinct. You can still find some that cater to specific customers, but the traditional butcher shop seems like a thing of the past. Step inside Wheaton Meat Company and you’ll find someone who could not only suggest the finest quality meats but explain the best way to cook certain cuts. They sell virtually all cuts of meat, poultry, beef, pork and even some seafood. But it’s the customer service and butcher shop wisdom that only a small business like theirs can provide. Customers offer rave reviews, “I am so blessed to have a local butchers with an outstanding staff eager to serve and educate.” They also sell local sauces, rubs and many other items. “We carefully choose our vendors and only allow the best products in the meat case and on the shelves” says Brett.

Wheaton Meat Company partnered with another local business, Cutlass Knife Sharpening, to offer customers the convenience of knife sharpening. Who better than a local butcher shop to know that “a sharp knife is a chef’s best friend.” When customers stop in to purchase meat they can drop off their knives in-store and they’ll be ready for pick-up in just a couple days.

What the future holds for local butcher shops is unknown, but the Wheaton Meat Company has developed a loyal and thriving customer base. Brett says, “The meat industry is dynamic and evolving.” Customers can be sure that this shop promises to provide the best products at a reasonable price. If you would like to learn more about the Wheaton Meat Company you can visit them online at www.wheatonmeat.com or stop by their location at 310 S. Main Street, Wheaton.