DuPage County Farm Bureau

Institute Day

2021 Institute Day: Think Outside the Box with Agriculture

All DuPage County teachers are welcome to attend the AITC 2021 Institute Day Workshop on February 26th, 2021! The workshop will be held virtually from 8am-1pm and attendees will receive 5 professional development hours. This years speakers are from Ag in the Classroom, U of I Extension, FCAE, and College of DuPage. To register, please visit our “Event Calendar” and fill out an RSVP form on the Institute Day event. We hope to see you there!

Agriculture Everywhere!

Countywide Institute Day – February 28th, 2020

Agriculture Everywhere was held on Countywide Institute Day, February 28th from 7:30am-1:00pm. Held at College of DuPage, the workshop focused on how agriculture touches every part of our lives and how teachers can tie agriculture concepts into their curriculum. 29 teachers earned credit for attending. Speakers included Luke Allen from FCAE, Haley Siergiej from Nutrients for Life, Kenna Anderson and Kristina Baumbach from the Ag in the Classroom team. The teachers all received a tour of COD’s horticulture facility by Brian Clement. Participants learned about the uses of corn in our society dissected a corn kernel, germinated corn, learned about biodegradable products made from agriculture commodities, learned how to teach about fertilizers, and learned about agriculture careers in a fun lock-box activity, in addition to age-appropriate break-outs centered around agriculture by-products and food science. Activities were hands-on and kept teachers engaged, and they are bound to keep their students engaged, too!