DuPage County Farm Bureau

Institute Day

2023 Institute Day: Integrating Agriculture

On March 3rd, 2023 DuPage County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom hosted a Teacher Institute Day workshop for DuPage County K-12 teachers. The workshop was held at College of DuPage from 7:30am-1pm and attendees received 5 professional development hours from the DuPage ROE. This years speakers were from Ag in the Classroom, FCAE, Nutrients for Life, and College of DuPage. At the workshop teachers learned about fun ways to incorporate agriculture into their curriculum and participated in hands on STEM activities. Topics included food science, animal genetics, soil health, careers, and apple genetics. Speakers showed creative ways to add agriculture concepts into current classroom curriculum. 28 teachers attended the workshop.

A group of people sitting at tables in front of laptops.     Two women standing at a table with food.     A man standing in front of a group of people.    A man and woman working on paper work.

A group of people sitting around a table.      A woman standing in front of a projector screen.